About me

My name is Corbin, and I am currently a 11th grade high school student.

My main interests lie in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics / Engineering (It’s a lot, I know!) And generally my projects revolve around some intersection of these.  I am also pursuing an associates degree along my high school diploma, which limits my ‘free’ time that I get to spend working on projects here, but I generally try to post every week.  In reality this ends up being once or twice a month if I’m lucky, but it’s getting better.

Places I exist on the internet:

GitHub: https://github.com/kousei03

Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/cfrisvold/about

E-Mail: frisvoldcorbin@gmail.com

Project Euler: 1341444_dKGsoYh2MPmjvKLDEb7AheWPNca06T4y